Bạn Gái Của Smalling Thôi Làm Người Mẫu Nội Y, Sam Smalling (@Samsmallinginsta)


But now, Chris Smalling's stunning wife is racking up likes on social truyền thông media for her saucy snaps... Of her vegan cooking.

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She now shares her vegan recipes - like this Jamaican curry with yam and sweet potato - on social media
Credit: Instagram/Sam Smalling

Sam, 35, won Page 3 Idol back in 2006.

She was even dubbed the 'Best Boobs in Britain' - but Sam has completely changed tack.

Her 40,000 Instagram followers are still loving the pictures she shares on social media.

Sam Smalling (née Cooke) now shares delicious images of her vegan food và recipes.


She was a regular in lads' mags such as FHM, Zoo, Nuts and Loaded
Credit: Alison Webster - The Sun

Chris is fully on board with the recipes & is believed to lớn be on the verge of turning vegan himself, if he hasn't already.

Recent recipes include a Jamaican curry made with yam và sweet potato & southern fried jackfruit burgers.

"Who needs KFC?" she captioned the pic.

Sam and Chris were married in a beautiful reception at Lake Como in Italy in 2017.

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from using animal products - particularly in diet - with meat, eggs and dairy products off the menu
The popularity of veganism has spiked in recent years with a number of celebrity & athletes ditching meat in favour of a plant-based diet
In the UK the number of people who identify as vegan has increased 350 per cent in 10 years, according to lớn research by the Vegan Society
British supermarkets have reported massive growth in the sector, with thousands of new products available on the shelves
A number of British restaurants now offer vegan products on the menu
Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin and Rangers striker Jermain Defoe both follow a vegan diet
F1 world champ Lewis Hamilton, NFL star Tom Brady và Serena và Venus Williams are also vegans
Sam made these southern friend jackfruit burgers with the caption 'who needs KFC'Credit: Instagram/Sam Smalling
This recipe is a tofu kebab with miso và orange-marinated aubergine steak, req quinoa và broccoli
Credit: Instagram/Sam Smalling


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Sam Cooke made Chris Smalling a very happy man when she told him: "I do" & wore a glamorous, plunging gown.

Former page 3 girl Sam, 31, looked stunning in her effortless bridal attire, that featured a daring neckline.

The wrap around dress was slashed to the thigh, flaunting the most of Sam's incredible figure và lithe legs.

Xem thêm: Cặp đôi "lên đồng" doãn quốc đam và vợ, vợ doãn quốc đam là ai

Sam & Manchester United defender Chris, 27, jetted off to lớn Lake Coma, Italy, for their nupitals, along with some of their closet family and friends.


Former page 3 girl Sam looked simply stunning in white (Image: BACKGRID)

Ex-glamour girl sam made the most of her assets in the low-cut gown, that was nipped in at her trim waist.

She wore her long blonde hair loosely tumbling over her shoulders, khổng lồ complete her laid-back bridal look.

After the ceremony the happy couple hopped on a boat and were taken to a thắm thiết restaurant just on the shore of the lake for an al fresco dinner with their guests.


Wayne Rooney chats khổng lồ guests (Image: BACKGRID)

Chris was looking dapper in his white suit (Image: BACKGRID)

Wayne Rooney was joined by wife Coleen to lớn watch the third Manchester United player in a week tie the knot in a week as they make the most of a short off-season.

Colleen was dressed for the weather in coral shift dress & heels.

While Rooney was looking sharp in a vibrant blue suit và shades as he led his teammates to lớn the sun-soaked location.

Also among those in attendance were models Rhian Sugden and Hailey Clauson.

A series of flash boats took guests to lớn the Villa Balbianello, a private villa that still includes parts of a 13th Century Franciscan monestry, for the ceremony.


The happy couple got engaged in Bali last year

Chris proposed to lớn Sam last summer in Bali during a holiday in which he suffered a nasty head injury và food poisining.

"Last night in the most perfect setting Chris asked me khổng lồ be his wife. Ridiculously happy," Sam said on social media.

Their nuptials follow Smalling's stag các buổi tiệc nhỏ in Las Vegas, while Cooke took her girlfriends to lớn Barbados.

The honeymoon is said to lớn be planned for the Seychelles.

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